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    residential apartment
    @ Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
    residential apartment
    @ Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
HAVEN RADHAKRISHNAN ENCLAVE residential Apartment at
Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram,
Coimbatore 641001, Tamilnadu.


  1. Good Natural Ventilation with 2 or 3 windows in each room: Avoid stagnant air & improve Air quality.
  2. Thermal insulation achieved by Hollow clay block exterior walls: Keep the heat out.
  3. Energy efficient UPVC windows: Prevent Air conditioning loses and dust.
  4. Recycling of Sullage water: Why waste new water for flushing and gardening?
  5. Elevated farming plot in terrace for each apartment: Grow your own vegetables while insulating the roof.
  6. Energy efficient common Building lighting.
  7. Common Solar Water Heater: Save heating power costs, have guilt free water 24/7.
  8. Low flow water fixtures: To avoid water wastage.
  9. Drought resistant landscaping in Ground floor: Because every drop counts while green plants cool the eye.
  10. Nontoxic finishes and materials: For your wellness.
  11. Ergonomic architectural design that's also Vaasthu compliant: To achieve full functionality of space and peace of mind for the vaasthu-inclined.
  12. Human connection and interaction: Facilitating meet and greet zones in the Ground floor and Terrace floor.
  13. Social events: Gathering space in the terrace for social events.
  14. Walkable and bike friendly: For Wellness in your home environs.
  15. Universal Access: Friendly for elderly & differently abled with lift access to terrace.
  16. Waste collection: Responsible organic & dry waste collection points within the site.

  17. Let's work together for greener & more sustainable homes!



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